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March 15, 2006



Wow, sounds like a nice prize! I'd assume anyone who's already won a prize isn't eligible? ;)

In any case I'll try to direct as much traffice your way as possible; seems like a great start for a tech site, would love to see it grow. :D



Hey, I did this for you! I really hope to win, but if not, I will have helped you get some more traffic!

The link to my digg is my url for this comment, if you want to check it out!

thanks again for sponsoring this!



I hope duplicate entries don't count:

Someone else used my digg less than 30 minutes after I posted it.


Can I claim the diggs from a duplicate entry?


there are lots of dupes now... no one seemed to look for something not on digg, making their chances low... you just need to surf the site, read the stories... find something totally unique... too many people have been using the xp on a mactel, which has hit digg's front page from other links... but good luck all

Hey, Greg Smith, ( do you want me to call you Greg, Mr. Smith, G-Man?) use to chat to live users on your page (provided they go there too) I registered it on gabbly's homepage, so you will get referrals from that too!



oops... the address is

I missed the k in there... but you knew what I meant.

sorry to "spam" comments, but I really like your site! I now have you on a daily fav list that I will visit daily for cool "geek news" updates!


I DID search before posting and didn't find it on digg. THEN I posted.


I know... I think I saw your story... but I am saying others didn't... so ya, it should only go to the first per story or something... but the macintels have little to no chance...

John Doe

Asking people to spam in your favour at best increases short term ad revenue while ruining your credibility. If you're claiming you did this with good intentions and not with AdSense income in mind, you're either dishonest or plain stupid from my point of view.


But this will get a burst of short term, gaining some long term members like me, who have already passed the site on to non-digg friends... so there is some logic...

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